Welcome to Pure Vocals. We are one of the first on-line companies to offer a wide selection of Session Singers and Producers. We have pulled from the best music talent on a global scale and have made it possible for you to work with them from the comfort of your own home.

     Pure Vocals offers professional session singers and producers from places such as Nashville, LA, NYC and London. You will find among our Session Singers and Producers, those that have worked with EMI Records, Disney, Universal Studios, Gather Studios, etc. We also offer producers that have worked with professional songwriters such as Jason Blume, James Dean Hicks, Taylor Rhodes and Steve Diamond.

     We want this to be a one-stop-shop and fun experience for you. We've included a "How It Works" page to explain how to hire a session singe and/or producer. As well as "Session Singers" and "Producers" pages where you can hear samples of their work and find their price and other important information. We also have other helpful pages, such as the "FAQ's" page, "Testimonials" page, and "Resources"page.

    We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your song/project. Please feel free to browse the site and check out the testimonial page to see how our services have helped other songwriters/producers just like you.



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