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Demo Vocal Prices

Vocal Lead - $150

Vocal Part - $35/part

Changes to original melody or lyrics - $25/change

Commercial Vocal Prices:

Please e-mail with details of the project and a quote will be sent to you.

More Info

Turn Around Time -2 weeks

Range - D2 to D6

Reads Music - Yes

Travel - Alexandra is located near London and is willing to drive or fly to your studio if her schedule permits. All costs including gas, airfair, hotel and meals will be added to your bill. Half the bill will be required upfront. E-mail us your location and project for a quote

What Clients Say about this vocalist....

"Perfect , absolutely pefect. Wow, what a performance.......Thanks to Alexandra for making the track come alive."
Allan Prior

"YOU KILLED IT!.....You are the best, love your voice!! Love your professionalism!!"
Arthur Corey

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