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Progressive Metal

Demo Vocal Prices

Vocal Lead - $95

Vocal Part - $30/part

Changes to original melody or lyrics - $20/change

Commercial Vocal Prices:

The demo price listed above and a one time additional fee of $650 if the song grosses over $5000. An agreement will be provded and must be signed by both you and the vocalist.

More Info

Turn Around Time -1-2 weeks

Range - Low E to High B - high tenor/low soprano

Reads Music - No

Travel -Chad is located in Kansas City and is willing to drive or fly to your studio. All costs including gas, airfair, hotel and meals will be added to your bill. Half the bill will be required upfront. E-mail us your location and project for a quote.

What Clients Say about this vocalist....

"Fabulous work as always from Chad. Absolutely love it, please pass on my thanks, he manages to exceed expectations every time. I'm sure I'll have more material for him to work on over the coming months."
Peter Pomroy

"I love what Chad did with the song ....I am delighted and think he did a great job."
Mike Deeson

"I love Chad's vocals and his interpretation of my rough guide vocal, it sounds awesome." Mike Kaine

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