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1. Do I retain full copyright?

    Yes. You retain full copyright of your work

2. Does my location matter? What if I'm in a different country?
     No, your location doesn't matter as weverything is done on-line. The vocalist and/or producer will record the vocal/production and send it to you as a wav file through e-mail.
3. Can I have the vocalist come to my studio?

    We do have some vocalists that are willing to travel. E-mail us and let us know which vocalist you are interested in. We will contact them and let you know if they are available. You will be responsible for Travel and Hotel costs. The vocalist might also add an additional fee.
4. How long do you keep files?

    We keep any files pertaining to your project for 1 month. After that they are deleted.

5. If I send a CD or tape to you can I get it back?

    Sorry, we do not mail back any submitted material.

6. How will I receive the files back?

    You will receive each lead and harmony as a seperate wav. file so you can mix them as you

7. What if I want them mixed?

     We can have our engineer mix the vocal, harmonies and backing track for an additional $65.

8. Can you help me place songs in the industry or put me in touch with industry leaders?

    Sorry, we can not put you in touch with anyone or place your songs.

9. Do you know of any vocalists that are looking to join a band?

     Sorry, at this time we only have session singers available.