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Luz Gruv Productions

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Frank Alexander

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Prices do not include vocals

Single Instrument and Percussion - $250
2 Instruments and Percussion - $325
Full Production - $500
Includes drums, electric bass, and one of combination of: electric and acoustic guitars, two electric guitars or two acoustic guitars. Keyboard and percussion overdubs are free (one track each, or two different tracks for either instrument). This package totals six stereo-WAV tracks and the cost includes complete mixing and basic mastering.

Turn Around Time - 4-6 weeks  for most projects depending on the arrangement & instrumentation, but we reserve the right to ensure quality at the cost of expedience.

All other demo packages are on a per-package basis with a minimum charge of $275.

All productions are for demo use only. If you wish to use the track for any other use the Producer will be contacted and a price will be sent according to the project.



- Platform: Logic Express 9
- Audio Editor (basic): Audacity
- Drum/Percussion programming & sampling: leaf Drums
- Yamaha mixing console
- M-Audio preamp/audio & MIDI interfaces
- dbx Compressor/Gate
- Yamaha SPX 90
- Shure, Audio-Technica & EV mics
- ARTTube mic/instrument preamp and DI boxes
- Roland digital piano
- Yamaha PSR300 (MIDI)
- ZOOM RhythmTrak (old school beats)
- Fender, Gibson & Ibanez electric guitars
- Fender & Ovation acoustic/acoustic-electric guitars
- Music Man fretless & Fender/Yamaha electric basses
- Hartke, Genz Benz & Fender amps
- Assorted stomp boxes: Boss, EH, Digitech, Dunlop & DOD
- LP congas and assorted Latin hand percussion


Full Productions with Vocals

Full Productions w/out Vocals

Mix & Mastering

* When providing a recorded vocal track to mix into any demo production as vocal guide, please verify the track was recorded to metronome (or other click track) and provide the tempo marking at the time of submission. Recorded vocal tracks that are not tempo-defined can be edited and spliced together to create a vocal guide for your production at an additional cost of $130 per recorded vocal track.

**If a second vocal remix is requested, that and all future remixes will be at a rate of $65 per hour (minimum charge is $65)