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Demo Vocal Prices

Vocal Lead - $95

Vocal Part - $30/part

Changes to original melody or lyrics - $20/change

Commercial Vocal Prices:

The demo price listed above & a one time additional fee of $650 if the song grosses over $5000. An agreement will be provded and must be signed by both you and the vocalist.

More Info

Turn Around Time - 12 days

Range - D below middle C to Bflat below High C 

Reads Music - Yes

Travel - Nikki lives 45mins from Chicago and 45mins from Milwaukee . She will drive to your studio if travel time and gas are compensated. Travel time and gas are $40 an hour. Nikki is also willing to fly to your studio and prefers to fly in and out on the same day and have the extra travel time compensated. All costs including airfair, hotel and meals will be added to your bill. Half the bill will be required upfront. E-mail us your location and project for a quote.

What Clients Say about this vocalist....

"Nikki's diction is perfect, she put "feel" into the song, her timing is dead on, her recording was very clean and add to that she even sang two versions for me - what a lady."
Thomas Morran 

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