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"I couldn't be more delighted. I've done at least 50 demos in Nashville probably at lot more with unbelievable vocalist like Buddy Jewel before SONY signed him... And this compares to anything I did there.This is the second time I've used pure vocals.... It won't be the last."

"I've worked with several PV vocalists over the last few years and I have always been satisfied with the results. Always professional, always accommodating, and dedicated to delivering an outstanding final product, each vocalist has been a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pure Vocals to any songwriter or producer in need of professional-level talent."

"We are published songwriters who write in a variety of genres. When sending out demo material to perspective publishers, it is critically important to find the very best vocalist who can carry the song's message and melody, in a convincing and professional way. Pure Vocals has served as a critical bridge for us as songwriters. They provide reasonably priced vocalists who are clearly polished professionals and who add that critical component integral to the presentation of a song. In such a competitive industry, we cannot overstate the value that Pure Vocals brings to aspiring and professional songwriters and musicians."

  "Hi everybody. Hiring vocalists for demos can be a bit nerve-wracking; not knowing what kind of an end result you will get. I hired David Cagle from to sing on one of my songs, and wanted to let you know how it went. it was all done via e-mail. I sent my reference vocal and music mp3's on Thursday afternoon. Saturday afternoon, the vocal was ready. I listened to the sample clips and then paid. I then received via email a link to download the 16 bit wav. files. David not only did everything I wanted, he exceeded my expectations. He did a great lead vocal, plus some cool harmonies. I have now emailed the vocals to Sub so that he can finish the music tracks and mixing.
It was a quick, well-organized way of getting the vocals I needed at a reasonable price. I will be back as a customer. Thanks to Tiffany and David at PureVocals for delivery exactly what I needed."                    

"Beautiful job!!! I really enjoy how you sang the song. The timing and everything was perfect!..."
"Thanks for your promptness and for sending professional vocals. I hope to work with you on other songs in the very near future....."Tiffany, you have a very beautiful voice and I am so pleased at what you did with my song. I have four more that will be coming to you soon."

"I am a composer who writes and records music for lyricists who are unable to do this themselves. Quite a few lyrics I receive are much more suited for female vocals which of course I cannot do myself. Because of Tiffany and PURE VOCALS great service I can now produce songs with female vocals. And I must say that the vocal quality and service are both World Class. Your pitch is always right on and the feelings, inflections, and emotions you put in your vocals are awesome. I have had many of my clients comment on how good the vocals are, and that's a great plus for my business as well. I would recommend you to any songwriter or producer that needs a World Class vocal on their project."

     "Just wanted to thank you again for the great job you did on our "In The Universe" Woke up this morning and it is sitting at #14 "Pop General" Mostly because of your great vocal of the song! Thanks again." 

"If you have the perfect vision for a beautiful track, then start working with Tiff on it as soon as possible, her vision combined with your track will create HEAVENLY MUSIC!!! Thank you SOOOOO much for the work you've done already, Tiff. Can't wait to get my next lot of material ready to do it all again. I love the results!"

"As being a record producer / recording engineer / music composer, it's always a pleasure to work with good musicians and vocalists...Tiffany Michelle is a vocalist I plan on working with for a lifetime (smile)! She has the voice quality, control, along with the type of work ethics every producer hopes to find in a vocalist. No one can lose in hiring Tiffany as a vocalist for their music project!"

     "I Think the service Pure Vocals provides is amazing! I'm always telling people about've brought life to my projects!" 

"I have used Pure Vocals for several songs since November 2014. In every case I have been very pleased with the results. The vocalists base their performances on the "vocal guide" provided, but often add their own subtle variations/additions to bring the song to life. Harmonies (when requested) are always top-notch too, On top of that, Tiffany is always polite and cheerful and the singers are usually quick to respond. The turnaround time for a song has been as quick as 5 days (but safest to allow more time), I shall definitely continue to use Pure Vocals!"

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