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Tiffany M.


Soft Pop

Pop/Rock Ballad

Demo Vocal Prices

Vocal Lead - $100 (Songs with multiple variations in the chorus and prechorus will be more. Please e-mail for a quote.)

Vocal Part - $25/part

Changes to original melody or lyrics - $20/change

Commercial Vocal Prices:

$150 & a one time additional fee of $650 if the song grosses over $5000. An agreement will be provded and must be signed by both you and the vocalist.

More Info

Turn Around Time - 1-2 weeks

Range - A below middle C to D above High C

Reads Music - Yes

Travel - Sorry, Tiffany does not travel to other studios.

What Clients Say about this vocalist....

"..... I would recommend Tiffany Michelle to any songwriter or producer that needs a World Class vocal on their project." 
Rick Brown

"Tiffany Michelle is a vocalist I plan on working with for a lifetime (smile)! She has the voice quality, control, along with the type of work ethics every producer hopes to find in a vocalist. No one can lose in hiring Tiffany as a vocalist for their music project!"
Michael Bell, CEO, Bell Time Records

"If you have the perfect vision for a beautiful track, then start working with Tiff on it as soon as possible, her vision combined with your track will create HEAVENLY MUSIC!!! Thank you SOOOOO much for the work you've done already, Tiff."
dj_riXta_INC @ diodes.

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